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We afford our clients the luxury of simplicity through our comprehensive financial planning services.


Financial, Retirement & Succession Planning

A sound financial plan enables you to protect your financial well-being through natural and unexpected life changes, and eases the transition from one life stage to the next.

We seek to understand your short, medium and long-term goals, and can assist with cash flow management. Many of our clients come to us having undergone a liquidity event or life transition such as the sale of a business, and we are pleased to provide business succession and family wealth planning to ensure these transitions are approached effectively.

We partner with specialists to provide estate planning, trust services, legacy planning and family governance counsel for wealth creators, wealth inheritors and family-owned enterprises. 

Services include Cash Management, Lifestyle Advisory Services and Retirement Planning.


Tax Planning, Insurance & Wealth Protection Solutions

We help you plan the most tax-efficient way to hold your investments and overall assets, while guiding you through changing tax regulations.

We work closely with your accountant and other tax professionals to mitigate or eliminate tax, as well your lawyers or trusted professionals. To manage familial risk and protect your loved ones, our open-architecture platform allows us to present a full range of insurance solutions from all major carriers. We can also customize a wide array of creditor protection insurance solutions and guaranteed income offerings.

Solutions include Risk Management, Tax Planning and Comprehensive Consolidated Reporting.

Wealth Transfer, Legacy & Estate Planning

We facilitate charitable giving with seamless offerings to enhance tax efficiency, and educate the next generation on the value of giving back. We want the organizations you choose to derive the fullest benefit from your generosity.

To ensure continuity of the values that you hold dear, we welcome the opportunity to undertake regular conversations on legacy and philanthropy with your next generation. Lastly, we develop a framework to ensure your estate passes to your intended heirs efficiently and in accordance with your wishes.

Services include Philanthropy Management, Family Governance & Wealth Solutions, and Comprehensive Wealth Planning.



We look forward to discussing your goals, and the exceptional resources we can place at your disposal.