Wealth management expertise with a focus on capital preservation and risk management

At Crowe Private Wealth, we pride ourselves on our offering of an endowment model for all — redefining private wealth management for family offices, executives and private foundations across Canada and the USA with our institutional, "smart money" approach.

While many investors may believe they have a sufficiently diversified portfolio through a traditional allocation of publicly traded stocks and bonds – new research shows that smart diversification includes having an allocation to alternative assets, to truly reduce risk and attain excess returns.

Our portfolios incorporate an alternative investment allocation designed to deliver a stable, uncorrelated return stream in all market environments. Our clients receive a uniquely individualized approach to their wealth, with an emphasis on alternative investments that reduce volatility and provide a superior risk-adjusted return profile. These alternative strategies may include Alternative Credit, Long/Short Equity, Private Real Estate, Arbitrage and Private Debt. 


Key Features

  • Multiple strategies and tactics coordinated to achieve your unique goals and objectives

  • Asset allocation that incorporates traditional and alternative asset classes

  • Focus on wealth planning that aligns your investments with your overall financial objectives


Client Benefits

  • Access to a wide selection of investment mandates covering a spectrum of asset classes, investment styles and strategies

  • Direct ownership of securities that allow for tax efficient solutions

  • Predictable and transparent monthly management fee

  • Consolidated Quarterly Performance Reporting and Year End Fee Summary

  • Management fees may be tax deductible for non-registered accounts



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